Custom Bottling Company Specification Sheet


  • Labor and Industries accepted service disconnect box.
  • 208-240 Volt, 3-Phase, Capable of 60 amps or larger.
  • Box must have dedicated ground wire, and dedicated neutral inside of service disconnect box.
  • Disconnect box must be within 100 feet of bottling trailer placement.
  • Each line to disconnect must read 116-120 volts to ground and 208-240 volts line to line.
  • If winery does not have 3-Phase power, we will provide generator at price quoted on price sheet or you may provide your own 3-Phase generator which will meet the above specifications.

We use a Label-Aire Model 6115 in-line pressure sensitive labeler. This labeler is designed to run straight and tapered bottles using a single web with alternating front/back label placement.  Properly designed labels are key to quality labeling.  Feel free to ask for input prior to production of your labels.

  • Labels are to be printed in FB-1 format; front and back alternating on same web.
  • Labels are to be wound Industry Standard No. 4; label will face outside the roll with the left edge leading.
  • Minimum 1/8 inch spacing between labels.
  • Label rolls may not exceed 11 inches.
  • Maximum overall label height is 6 inches.
  • Minimum label width 2 inches.
  • Center of label roll core is Industry Standard 3 inches in diameter.

NOTE:  The number one down time cause in the packaging industry is labeling.
We have twenty years experience in packaging and can help in your labeling design.  Feel free to ask us to assess your label design early on to eliminate labeling caused down time.

Winery to Supply

  • Level pad for trailer 12 foot by 30 foot.
  • 6 crew members
  • 5 gallon per minute potable water through food grade hose for sterilization and clean-up.
  • Polished, filtered and bottle ready wine. Minimum temperature 60 degrees F.
  • Samples of bottles, corks, capsules of each style and size at least 30 days prior to bottling.
  • 1 ½ inch tri-clover wine supply line from tank.

Custom Bottling Company Supplied

  • Wine transfer pump.
  • Bottling line operator
  • Hot water generator capable of 180 degrees F. minimum
  • Tape guns and tape.
  • Filters if requested. (additional charge
  • Nitrogen if requested. (additional charge)
  • Generator if requested. (additional charge)
  • Friendly cheerful attitude, no charge.